Jawjacker Hook Setter Tip-Up

This is typically going to be the highest rated rod in any series. There are no compromises here. Lighter rods simply will not have enough power to get the fish to a position where the wireman get grab the leader. Two-speed reels provide an added advantage. We recommend an 80lb class reel. Anything smaller will simply not have enough line capacity. The lb class reels are simply too heavy for stand-up. Lever drag reels are a must for circle hook fishing also recommended — see below. The lever drag allows the angler to slowly increase the drag pressure to ensure the proper hook set.

How to Catch Perch – Tackle for Perch

Often copied, never beaten! An exceptionally quick and easy link clip which can be used for attaching the rig to the shock leader, or your sinker to the rig. Marine grade heat treated stainless steel wire.

That was several years ago and several styles of this hook have become a main stay!

This rig was designed for yanking big grouper from bottom structure while riding at anchor. It targets eating-sized fish, and eliminates the typical host of pesky bottom-dwellers. First, choose a rod and reel appropriate for the task: I use a Shimano Tekota reel filled with 80 lb. I use the 32 oz. A good fighting belt is helpful here. Start by taking the 80 lb. Attach the doubled line to the lb. Next, tie 5 feet of the lb. Then, at the bottom end of the three-way swivel, tie the last 3 feet of lb.

Tie the 15 foot-long lb. Tie 5 feet of coated nylon wire to the other end of the barrel swivel, once again using the No-Name Knot, before attaching the hook with the same knot. Set the reel drag at 16 to 18 lbs.


Crap somewhere else, we have heard your opinion. This thread is about what people have found to be true. If you think wire matters, but disagree with another poster’s preference or findings, politely say that your experience was different, and state what YOU found to be true. This thread has no right or wrong.

If using light line you may find you need to attach a heavier trace to your mainline.

Best hook I’ve ever used, don’t plan on getting the hook out with your hands, you’ll need pliers, if you hook them, consider them on the boat. Beats all competition by a long shot From: The first time I used this hook ,I felt the hook actually cut into the fish’ mouth on the hook set and I was sold. That was several years ago and several styles of this hook have become a main stay!

The points are fragile but if you stick your plastics “shallow” instead of skin hooking it will help protect the points. Fishing is an expensive hobby. These hooks are reasonably priced and no question about it they are worth the money. The sharpest hooks out there that will get you more hook ups and put more fish in the boat. A hook point will only last so long when your catching fish or banging in through rocks, but these hooks stay sharp for a long time and if you are using the right size hook for your application, they will not bend or break!!!

Any bad reviews are from inexperienced fisherman. I got some of these hooks a couple weeks ago 2 ought and I caught a 7 pounder the other day. Junk, waste of money, overpriced, peice of crap hooks, so many fish missed.

Jawjacker Hook Setter Tip-Up

However, if you want to score a bull perch, maybe close to the record, here are a few essentials in terms of perch fishing. Perch Habitat and Habits Perch normally populate small lakes, ponds, and water streams of all sizes, but mostly medium water streams. They can be caught relatively easy, all year long.

Yeah they are sharp

When rigging stinger hooks on my swimbaits I like to thread them with braided line. A lot of people just run the line on the outside of the bait, but I feel like this is just one more thing to get caught up on when fishing. Running the line on the outside of the bait really detracts from the look of a bait like a Huddleston as well. The rigging is pretty simple; I use 80 pound braid because it will not interfere with the action on soft plastic swimbaits.

Start by doubling the line through the needle then run the needle through the bait to your tie off point. This can be the top hook or the the main line tie. Next, to tie off your treble hook pull your line the rest of the way through, leaving a little slack then make your final knot at either the top hook or line tie. Deciding where to put a stinger hook may change from day to day. When fishing the upper water column I will usually use them on the bottom of the bait towards the head of the bait.

The tail hook shown here is for days when fish are following and just swiping at the bait. When fishing the bottom I usually do not even use a stinger hook. Posted by Josh St.

Mustad 7691S-SS Big Game Stainless Steel Hook

Tactics that catch both walleyes and bass can be annoying. The net is always out and before you know it the boat The same vibration that makes a rapidly rotating bait enticing when rigged on a Slow Death or Re-Volve hook can be equaled or surpassed with a thumping softbait.

Leave a length at the end to wriggle and attract fish.

Recluse Spinning Combos feature 3 ball bearing drive reels with instant anti-reverse and medium Compulsion Spinning Combos feature 4 ball bearing drive size 30 reels with instant anti-reverse Fillet Knife 2 Pack includes a 7 inch and a 6 inch fillet knife Perfect size for all gamefish Complete floating aeration system. Place in bait container to provide oxygen to bait fish for Floating or Sinking Fish Attractant Light.

Weighted for stability in Fiber optic lights provide increased visibility in low-light and no-light conditions Weighted Weighted floats feature dart fins for increased casting distance. Exclusive springless slide lock

Covert Talon Tip Hook

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Today, we take a look at the casting rod from this same series to see if those mixed feelings can be resolved.

For crappie, 6 is about as perfect as it gets. For a rod, get a light action such as a Shakespeare Ugly Stik Lite, 5’6″ rated for lb line, 2 piece. Match this with a Penn ssg reel or equivalent and spool with 4 to 6 line and you are set. If you plan on doing a lot of fishing for bluegills and other bream then 4 is definitely the way to go.

Lures for Crappie and Bluegills Jump To; Using Live Minnows Baits for Sunfishes Back to Top While younger crappie will eat a variety of aquatic insects grubs and other small forage, as the fish grows, so will its appetite for various species of minnows found in our lakes and rivers, and for the largest fish your choice of baits and artificial should reflect this.

Below are just a few lures designed for crappie or bluegills to get you started.

Mustad 7691S-SS Big Game Stainless Steel Hook

Top 5 Walk-The-Dog Picks There are a lot of topwater hardbait options, poppers, chuggers, propbaits, twitch baits, wakebaits, and walkers. Even if you just focus on topwater walk-the-dog hardbaits there are over fifty different choices alone! There are lot of good choices and today we pick our top five most productive topwater walkers that we utilize in the majority of our topwater reel and rod field tests. A Diamante in the Rough? Today, we take a look at another bait from this program that the company’s prostaff was very adamant about during our factory tour back in It’s taken that long for this bait to make its way to market, but here now is our look at Megabass of America’s Dog-X Diamante topwater bait.

Today, we take a look at another bait from this program that the company’s prostaff was very adamant about during our factory tour back in

Tweet Halibut fishing is something that people around the world love to do. There is no better eating fish than halibut. People travel from far and wide for their halibut fishing opportunities. This article outlines all of the tips that you need in order to catch halibut. There are hundreds of resources and suggestions on how to catch halibut however alot of the stuff people talk about is ideas and concepts that are not the primary mainstream techniques.

Reading about too many methods and anglers become confused. This article I focus specifically on the best method for catching halibut, the circle hook, and I explain how to make it, how to bait it, and how to fish it to ensure that you will be successful on your halibut fishing trip. The article is long but I recommend you follow through all the information it will ensure you have success on your next halibut fishing trip.

The following sections I will break down exactly what I use to catch halibut effectively. Circle Hooks for Halibut Fishing In and the BC fishing regulations have changed requiring all large halibut to be released. We tuned our halibut fishing gear to ensure that we can easily release large halibut. The best way to do this is to cut the hook free.

The Hook up Tackle Unboxing (Megabass Topwaters)