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Linen sampler embroidered with silk in double running stitch and pattern darning, by unknown maker, Egypt, 15th th century. Given by Mrs F. Cook Samplers derive their English name from the French essamplaire, meaning any kind of work to be copied or imitated. Of particular importance has been the donation of samplers descended through families, which come with their associated histories, as in the group of six related mid th century samplers given by descendants of Margret Mason, a young girl who worked her signed piece in In their earliest form, samplers were put together as personal reference works for embroiderers: They would have been the work, not of children, but of more experienced embroiderers, and some, from their quality, of professionals. Such stitch and pattern collections may have been assembled in a number of cultures where embroidery for decorative effect was widely practised, our knowledge of early examples depending on the few pieces to have survived in rare cases.

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By Del Sandeen Studying Victorian fashion history for women can be a fascinating task, particularly if style history is one of your passions. This era in fashion ranged primarily from the mid s to the early s. It’s named for the influential English queen of the time, and her style came to define one of the most memorable periods in modern history. Queen Victoria’s Influence When Victoria donned the Queen’s crown in , she was only 18 years old. Her influence wasn’t immediate, as the style of the day was more Regency in tone — French-inspired and romantic.

The figure of the boxer is ultimately derived from the motif of a lover offering a flower to his lady, found in a number of versions in 16th-century pattern books.

Victorian costumes are a wonderful choice for a masquerade , costume party or just for Halloween. Here are some tips on how to pick the perfect Victorian costumes. The Victorian Era The Victorian era is usually thought of as corresponding to the reign of Queen Victoria of England, who ruled from to Some historians say the period should actually date back to before Victoria actually took the throne, but for our purposes, the s to is enough to work with.

Of course that’s a pretty long time period and it isn’t associated with just one kind of fashion. Victorian costumes are usually broken down into early Victorian to and late Victorian There are whole websites devoted to the fashion of the Victoria era , but here’s a quick overview. The early Victorian era was characterized by bonnets instead of hats, ringlet curls and thinner, sometimes quite constricting, arms on ladies’ dresses. The ultra-small waist was valued in this time period, and lots of bone was used to painfully constrict and reshape a woman’s body into the fashions of the day.

The bell-shaped skirts of the s gave way to much bigger skirts requiring many petticoats and crinoline to support.

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Page 1 of 1 1 Related: She love the cock too and this costume lose is quickly getting forgotten as he dips his dick down her mouth. Monique and Nicole dress up in their most revealing costumes.

The first button-makers guild formed in France in

Very showy for year ’round sparkling color. Signed in back Coro c. Attributed to Coro; at the pony’s front hooves is an arrangement of green enameled leaves, the enameled rhinestone centered flower in the pony’s mouth is seen in other Coro jewels, including horse jewels Victor along with recognizable construction and design. He’s high quality with good heft, made from thick cast metal finished with golden plating. The near-Excellent condition is remarkable–I could not find any wear in the plating on the front, and on the back, only a bit along the edges.

Rhinestones are bright and faux pearls are faultless. You and I may never find another like him. The pierced decorations and prong set ruby-red faceted glass give the brooch a sassy look. The golden finish is shining and bright, and intact except for some scratches on the back. The ruby red stone is bright with deep color, Signed in back on the inside of a bow loupe is Coro in script with the Pegasus mark but no copyright mark.

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Renaissance Costumes for all ages! A time dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and very puffy shirts. The dash out of the dark ages ushered in a new age of amazing and very intricate looking costumes. Renaissance outfits are absolutely stunning, detailed, and fun to wear. Wonder Costumes offers a huge selection of Renaissance costumes, from full outfits to accessories that let you customize your look to be whoever you want.

Our Renaissance Costumes The Renaissance period gave us important historical and literary figures to make costumes after.

They look that way because the backs were never plated.

August 12, Latest eBay Scams: Resalebum One of the worst scammers on ebay, this seller used to be well respected. Don’t know what happened to him, but the prices of signed jewelry have become so highthat some folks are tempted to scam their buyers. If you know rules to follow when looking for legitimate sellers, you already know one of the most important rules: Never buy from any online dealer who has no return policy and who has in their listings the terms “no refunds,” “sold as is,” “sales final.

Legitimate sellers stand by their descriptions; they know you can’t touch, weigh, or look carefully at jewelry shown only in pictures. Online buying is much different than flea market sales for that reason. An online seller must have a return policy because even the best sellers make mistakes, and the most detailed photos and descriptions can’t always be relied upon.

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The hairstyles also follow the same path and many of them have a dash of artistry popular during the former times. The Victorian hairstyles are one such style that is still admired by the women for their elaborate and beautiful look. Though today it is nearly impossible for them to wear the style on a daily basis, they do take out time to decorate their crowning glory in the Victorian fashion while preparing for a party or prom night. The Victorian hairstyles have all kinds of hues from plain to fancy; each with a distinct finery and elegance.

Since, the Victorian times were known for their prudishness women made efforts to sport a neat and graceful look that would give them a demure and neat display.

Their ensembles, too, are virtually identical:

The play was first published in French in February , and an English translation, with illustrations by Aubrey Beardsley , in February In fact, Wilde and Douglas had quarrelled over the latter’s translation of the text which had been nothing short of disastrous given his poor mastery of French — though Douglas claimed that the errors were really in Wilde’s original play. Beardsley and the publisher John Lane got drawn in when they sided with Wilde. In a gesture of reconciliation, Wilde did the work himself but dedicated Douglas as the translator rather than having them sharing their names on the title-page.

Douglas compared a dedication to sharing the title-page as “the difference between a tribute of admiration from an artist and a receipt from a tradesman. There was another instrument to which I had listened all my life, and I wanted once to touch this new instrument to see whether I could make any beautiful thing out of it.

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During this period, France and England were fashion rivals. During the revolutionary period in France, women’s fashions began to change drastically. Extravagant corsets, panniers, and gowns made of silk brocade were cast aside as thin, almost transparent Grecian- like cotton gowns were adopted. It was this idea of Neoclassical simplicity that changed the way female form was treated.

She helped design clothes and accessories that set the world fashions in the twenties along with her gold and bead chains, charm bracelets and jeweled belts often combining junk jewelry with real jewels on plain garments.

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Share this article Share The trend would be relatively short-lived though. Just decades later, infant formula became widely available, and the image of the nursing mother fell out of favor. A study cited in The Mansion of Happiness by Jill Lepore reveals that by the early s, only 17 per cent of wealthy mothers in Boston chose to breastfeed, while nine in ten poor mothers nursed their babies themselves.

The photographs, most of which are elaborately framed, show the women bare-faced with their hair worn centrally-parted and tied back No wriggling:

Just decades later, infant formula became widely available, and the image of the nursing mother fell out of favor.

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Mickey Walker charged from ninth starting position to fourth and Chappell came from 10th to fifth which was good enough to secure his first OCRS Harold Leep Championship trophy. Reservations Due to popularity, advance reservations are recommended for Premium Experiences.

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To solve this problem, some dealers add chains and clasps, but they are usually very obvious additions.

Can’t play the file above? As regards travelling apparel, the most indispensable article is the HAT, which may be of any coloured straw, crinoline, or a mixture of the two, and trimmed with bindings and bows of velvet and feathers; every description of the latter — ostrich, pheasant, and even bustard-plumes — being used for this purpose. Dresses of any soft, dust-colour, washing silk are very cool and pleasant to wear; also those of holland and linen, braided down the front and sides and round the sleeves.

Any light material, a mixture of silk and wool, is also suitable, with a cloak of the same. The Fashions, winter We believe that our remarks on Fashions are now expected with some amount of anxiety, and will be turned to with more than usual interest this month by our readers. The shape and materials for dresses are now decided upon for the coming winter season; the style of bonnets, mantles and all articles of the toilet must be fixed upon; we will, therefore, give the best information in our power upon these little matters.

To begin, then, the most approved of materials for morning dresses are poplin, rep, French merino, flannel and a very beautiful woollen material called velours Russe — that is Russian velvet.

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The “Cuba Five” The ‘s saw the rise of the sack suit to widespread popularity, on any street many fashionable young men could be seen in narrowly tailored sack suits. But as this drawing shows, it was still common to see frock coats during the day. It also remained common for gentlemen to pair mismatched separates instead of a suit, particularly common was fawn or light brown trousers with black coats.

At both Renaissance fairs and Halloween parties alike, you will easily slip into the character your costume portrays.

Buttons come in many styles Courtesy Button Country. The button—with its self-contained roundness and infinite variability—has a quiet perfection to it. Running a cascade of buttons through your fingers feels satisfyingly heavy, like coins or candy; their clicking whoosh and blur of colors lull you. A button packs an extraordinary amount of information about a given time and place—its provenance—onto a crowded little canvas.

Courtesy Portable Antiquities Scheme. The earliest known button, writes Ian McNeil in An Encyclopedia of the History of Technology , “was originally used more as an ornament than as a fastening, the earliest known being found at Mohenjo-daro in the Indus Valley [now Pakistan]. It is made of a curved shell and about years old. Advertisement Along with brooches, buckles, and straight pins, buttons were used in ancient Rome as decorative closures for flowing garments. However, none of these options worked perfectly.

Pins poked unsightly holes into precious fabrics. Supporting yards of cloth at a single point required buttons of architectural heft, made of bone, horn, bronze or wood. Some designs took the functional pressure off buttons by knotting the fabric securely into position, then topping off the look with a purely ornamental button.

Renee Romeo – Women’s DIY Victorian ghost costume (last minute)