Brutal crackdown has gay and transgender Egyptians asking: Is it time to leave?

Lebanese officials said that she was found strangled and authorities are investigating whether she was also sexually assaulted. Embassy in Beirut and whose body was found beside a motorway east of the city with a rope around her neck. Uber said in an emailed statement it was working with Lebanese authorities “to assist their investigation in any way we can. Police have refused to confirm or deny those reports, or say whether the man had a criminal record. The woman, identified by British media and friends as Rebecca Dykes, was found dead early Saturday. She was last seen at a bar in Beirut’s Gemayzeh district Friday night. Lebanon’s state-run National News Agency said the driver picked her up and drove to a nearby neighborhood where she lived, but did not drop her off there. Instead, the suspect drove the car to the site where Dykes’ body was later found, about 15 kilometers 10 miles from the city. NNA said the man tried to sexually assault her, then strangled her with a rope. The police have not confirmed those details, but a forensics official said she was strangled and likely assaulted.


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By Alexandra Zavis Oct 19, 3: But he had a feeling it wouldn’t end well. Dozens of people have been arrested and put on trial in Egypt in the ensuing crackdown. Some were also beaten and subjected to invasive physical exams, spreading panic in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender circles. Advertisement Many of Mostafa’s friends are deleting their profiles on cellphone dating apps and scrubbing their social media accounts, which police have long used to ensnare people suspected of being gay or transgender.

Some who were at last month’s concert have gone into hiding. There has even been talk of fleeing the country. Everyone I know is depressed and fearful. In one particularly notorious case, 52 men were put on trial at once after a high-profile raid on Cairo’s Queen Boat nightclub in But that respite came to an abrupt end after the military takeover that brought President Abdel Fattah Sisi to power in Hundreds of gay and transgender people have been rounded up, part of a broad crackdown that has seen political dissidents jailed, public protests harshly put down and the country’s once vibrant civil society quashed.

Still, human rights activists say the scale of this latest assault on Egypt’s LGBT population is unprecedented. At least 65 people were detained around the country in three weeks, according to a local rights group, the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights.

Brutal crackdown has gay and transgender Egyptians asking: Is it time to leave?

Share this article Share A police official said today that the suspect was traced through security cameras that showed his car driving from Beirut to the area where Dykes’ body was found, just north of the Lebanese capital. Lebanon’s state-run National News Agency said the suspect is a taxi driver who picked up the woman from Beirut’s Gemayze neighborhood, known for its restaurants and pubs, then drove to a nearby neighborhood where she lived but did not drop her off there.

According to a local television news channel, a British Embassy worker recognised the black and white image and alerted the authorities.

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Ex-Morrisons boss in surprise landing as DAA’s new CEO

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The backlash was swift and brutal.

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The Foreign Office advises against all travel to several areas in Lebanon, including southern suburbs of Beirut, and all but essential travel to most other areas of the country.

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Lebanon arrests Uber driver suspected in Briton’s murder

Of course you can see this highly politicized scene here on PORN.

Ex-Morrisons boss in surprise landing as DAA’s new CEO

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Gay Community in Lebanon and the Arab World